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Coasters with kumiko patterns

Coasters with kumiko patterns

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A coaster with a beautiful contrast of colors and a delicate cut, combining a chic matte black silicone base with a stainless steel tray with various cut-out designs.

The top and base can be used independently, but using both combined, the structure is such that water droplets accumulate on the base, and it can be used safely even on a wooden top plate.

There are 4 particularly popular types of patterns including traditional Japanese patterns, geometric patterns and natural patterns.


・Do not use for purposes other than those for which it was designed.

・Handle with care and keep out of reach of children.

・If it is dirty, wash it with water and dry it thoroughly.

・If rust or deformation occurs, discontinue use.

・Due to laser processing, there may be cutting marks and black spots on the top of the product.

Product Detail:

Size: High... Diameter 78 mm, Thickness 1 mm

Base... Diameter 80 mm, Thickness 4 mm

Weight: 24-32g

Material: Top...Stainless Steel, Base...Silicone

Material (exterior): tracing paper

Made in Fukuoka, JAPAN

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