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Samurai Helmet -HOUKI

Samurai Helmet -HOUKI

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What is Samurai Helmet (Japanese: Kabutokazari)?

In the Edo period, the armor and helmets (Kabuto) of the samurai were used as a symbol of strength and a talisman to protect boys from harm. Even today, in Japan, it is customary to decorate the house with armor and helmets and to celebrate May 5, known as "Children's Day", with the family. Armor and helmets are adorned with amulets to protect the child, in the hope that he will escape illness and accidents, and become strong and healthy.

The Kabuto Kazari is an interior decoration with a strong meaning, offered to children and grandchildren.

The “HOUKI”, the hexagonal box

Result of a collaboration between Toko Kakinuma, a traditional craftsman certified by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Governor of Tokyo, and designer Atsushi Onuma.

The soft helmet is placed on the cedar wood storage decoration box. The Tsuitate (single panel partition) is made from Akita cedar (and also serves as the interior cover for the storage rack)

The support is decorated with a Kanuma Kumiko (assembly of small wooden pieces using the Kanuma technique) in the shape of a hemp leaf.

Where to place the samurai helmet?

Place it in a large enough room, such as your living room or bedroom, where you can easily see it. It is recommended to keep the helmet in a clean place with low humidity and away from direct sunlight.

Cannot be washed with water. To clean from dust regularly.

Product Detail

Size(Helmet): Width 25cm x Depth 22cm x Height 35 cm

(Box): Width 25cm x Depth 22cm x Height 15 cm

Weight (with box): 2.5 kg

Composition (Headphone): high performance resin, pure Nishijin-ori silk, rayon, Kyo braid, Kanazawa gold leaf (the base is MDF)

( Box): Akita Cedar, Paper

* Portable . (Male adult size. The photo of the wearer is from another product.)

*This item cannot be returned for convenience.

Made in Saitama, JAPAN

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