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Traditional Daruma

Traditional Daruma

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The Takasaki Daruma

Takasaki Daruma dolls are made mainly in the old Toyooka district of Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture. They represent approximately 80% of all Daruma doll production in Japan, and are the most famous model.

The Takasaki Daruma is characterized by the shape of its eyebrows, which represent a crane, and its whiskers, which represent a turtle. This is a reference to the good omen that cranes live for a thousand years and turtles ten thousand years.

The golden characters on the belly "FUKUIRI" represent a sign of good omen.

Today, the brand is registered under the name "Takasaki Daruma" and around 70 artisans perpetuate the traditional know-how.

The red color of Daruma

The meaning of red is to repel evil spirits. During the EDO period (1603-1868), red Daruma dolls sold well during the smallpox epidemic that hit Japan.


The making of a Daruma

Daruma dolls used to be made during the winter off-season by sericulture farmers, by hand gluing paper to a wooden mold piece by piece. From the 1970s, some processes such as fabric making began to be done by machines, but the process of painting faces that put soul into the Daruma is still done by hand by the artisans.

  • Making the pulp: In a Daruma mold in which the paper has been melted, the moisture is sucked out using a compressor, and the pulp is removed when it has hardened and is dried in the sun.
  • Coloring: After applying white powder all over the drum, the Daruma is dipped in a container with paint or is sprayed with a spray to paint it red.
  • Finish: Daruma's face and body with the crane and turtle patterns and the letters "Fukuiri" are drawn by hand and with great care by artisans

How to draw eyes?

While formulating an important wish for you such as the security of your family, prosperity, or even romantic fulfillment, draw an eye using a pen or felt-tip pen, thinking with determination that your wish will to come true. In this state, place it in a sacred place in your living room or bedroom where you can see it clearly. If your wish comes true, draw the other eye as a gesture of gratitude.


According to traditional techniques, recycled paper and clay are used as raw materials and pigments from crushed shells are used as paints, resulting in an environmentally friendly product. Made from paper, it is fragile to shocks such as submersion and falls. Be sure to handle it with care.

Product Detail

Dimensions: Height approx. 20cm, Length approx. 20cm, Width approx. 20cm 

Weight: approx. 610g

Composition: Paper, Earth, Paint

Made in Gunma, JAPAN

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