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Tea box with Washi (Japanese paper) -UKIGAMI

Tea box with Washi (Japanese paper) -UKIGAMI

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What is a tea box : Whether black, green or hojicha tea, tea can oxidize or lose its taste and flavor due to external factors such as "humidity , temperature, oxygen, light and odors. This is why Japanese households have long stored tea in specialized containers - tea boxes. The tea box prevents oxidation and deterioration due to outside air, allowing you to enjoy the fresh aroma and original taste of tea for longer.

Product Features: An important point in choosing a tea box is its airtightness. In general, round tea cans close better than square tea cans.

UKIGAMI tea canisters have a double layer construction with an inner lid and an outer lid, with each lid closing securely. The tea box is sealed against outside air, which prevents moisture and oxidation, as well as the transfer of odors, and allows the tea leaves to stay fresh for longer. (The lid is not completely airtight.)


Usage: In addition to being used as a tea container, it is also possible to use it as a pen holder or a small container for candies and other small items.

The product will be packaged and shipped in its original packaging, making it an ideal gift.

Product Details:

Size: caliber 90mm x height 110mm(approximately)

Material: surface layer: Japanese paper (paint is pigment)

contents: tin can

Made in Fukui, JAPAN

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