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Designer's Daruma ©

Designer's Daruma ©

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What is Designer's Daruma © ?

Designer's Daruma © is a brand new style of Daruma, which is rare in Japan and was originally developed by the long-established Imai Daruma NAYA store by inheriting traditional Daruma techniques and working with promising designers . This Designer's Daruma doll is characterized by its elegant design, and sends a new image of Japanese culture to the world.

A fall is a “chance” to take the first step and move on, and falling is neither a failure nor a shame. The Daruma contains the wish that people around the world who encounter it understand this philosophy.

About the design:

The 6 diagonal lines on the front represent the “transition from the past to the future”.

On the sides, the spiritual concept of Daruma “Fall seven times, get up eight” is expressed by an Italian formula, “cadere” meaning “to fall”, and “rialzarsi” meaning “to get up”

Inheriting the artisanal and traditional creation process, the patterns drawn on each Daruma are slightly different, but its unique texture in the world is the particularity of this figurine.

Matte, monochrome shades of white, black and red, which took time to develop, fit perfectly into your ambiance.

It is large enough to have a strong presence in your living room or store.

Daruma's eyes:

Traditional Daruma dolls usually have their eyes drawn in the following way. Designer Daruma © can be appreciated as a fashionable object as is without drawing eyes on it. Feel free to choose.

(the common practice of drawing eyes: while formulating an important wish for you such as the security of your family, prosperity, or fulfillment in love, draw an eye using a pen or a felt, thinking with determination that your wish will come true. In this state, place it in a sacred place in your living room or bedroom where you can see it clearly. If your wish comes true, draw the other eye with gratitude. )


According to traditional techniques, recycled paper and clay are used as raw materials and pigments from crushed shells are used as paints, resulting in an environmentally friendly product. Made from paper, it is fragile to shocks such as submersion and falls. Be sure to handle it with care.

Product Details:

Size: Height approx. 20cm, Length approx. 20cm, Width approx. 20cm 

Weight: approx. 640g

Material: Paper, Earth, Paint

Made in Gunma, JAPAN

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