Collection: ~S~ siniséya

~S~ siniséya is an original brand of Japanese items by FOCUS J LLC. which operates SINISÉ-YA. Our products are currently sold online exclusively at SINISÉ-YA to Japan lovers in Europe.

Ms. Midori Murayama, the representative of FOCUS J LLC and the ~S~ siniséya brand, has lived in Paris for eight years since 2011, where she developed an understanding of the casual lifestyle and demanding aesthetic standards of the French. Since 2019, it has been based in Japan and continues to promote the appeal of great Japanese products in France and the rest of the world.

Her parents had been jewelry and kimono wholesalers in Japan since the 1970s, selling many special and expensive jewelry and kimonos. Akoya pearls and kimonos, two of Japan's most prized products, vary widely in quality and require a very high level of knowledge and aesthetic sense to appreciate their value. They use their experience to advise ~S~ siniséya on the selection and production of products.

From June 2023, we are delighted to be able to present our first products, the ~KINU~ series, of Akoya pearl earrings and necklaces. We will gradually increase the number of stocks and products we offer, so be sure to check out our catalog as soon as possible.